IMC INDIA Cable Processing

Cable & Wire Processing

We offer cable & wire processing solutions for all major technology sectors like Automotive, E-Mobility, Aerospace & Defence, Medical, Telecommunication, Renewable Energy, and so on. With state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment that offers superior process reliability, repeatability, and accuracy, we also ensure a minimum cost of ownership and operation. Our offerings include best-in-class cut-strip-crimp machines for various sizes and types of wires & cables,

Dedicated equipment for processing of High-Voltage Cable used in Electric Vehicles (E-Mobility). Corrugated tube processing equipment with options to process pre-slit tubes. UV Laser Marker for wires and cables for military and aerospace applications. Cable & Wire Harness tester for high voltage and low voltage testing (Hipot). Extreme high voltage testers with 6000VDC / 5000 VAC capabilities. Coaxial cable processing machines for cables like Teflon/Kapton coated cables, Sucoform cables, Tri-axial cables, coax/micro-coax cables. Handheld and Fully Automated Manufacturing Machines for Optical Fiber cable processing. Solutions for processing cables for control panel/ switch cabinet manufacturing. Robust and reliable Universal cutting machines with cutting technologies like punch cut, shear cut, tube cut to process flexible profiles, tubes, plastic pipes, cords, seals, foils, labels, cable wires, strands, wires, etc., and various materials like steel-reinforced profiles and seals, thin-elastic, pressure-sensitive materials, silicone tubes, gaskets, braided cables, etc.

Technology Offerings

  • Cut & Strip Machines
  • Power Press & Applicators
  • High Voltage Cable Processing
  • Corrugated Tube Processing
  • Laser Marker for Wire & Cable
  • Cable Wire Harness Tester
  • Coaxial Cable Processing
  • Fiber Optic Cable Processing
  • Control Panel Manufacturing
  • Universal Cutting Machines

Cut & Strip Machines

Cable Processing for Control Panel Manufacturing