Vitronic GmbH, Germany

RENA Technologies is the global technological leader for wet processing equipment. RENA Technologies provides the most valuable, innovative wet-chemical solutions for their clients to reach the next level of state-of-the-art. RENA Technologies manufactures the highest quality flexible and high-throughput equipment in the Semiconductor, MedTech, Glass, Additive Manufacturing, and Renewable Energy sectors.  Headquartered in Germany, RENA has 7 manufacturing sites, 5 innovation hubs, and more than 3100 machines installed worldwide.RENA is the German acronym for Reinraum-Equipment, Nasschemie, and Automatisierung (cleanroom equipment, wet chemical, and automation) – the company’s four core competencies. Together with customers from every sector of the semiconductor, Medtech, renewable energies, glass, or additive manufacturing sectors, RENA Technologies develops pioneering solutions for the production of premium quality machinery for wet chemical surface treatment applications.

Technology Offerings

Solar Photovoltaic