Condensation Soldering-Condenso Series


In condensation reflow soldering, or vapor-phase soldering, soldering is accomplished using a hot vapor. Heat transfer in condensation soldering is up to ten times higher than in convection soldering. This makes it particularly suitable for processing large or high-mass boards in a stable process atmosphere. The inert heat transfer medium used is perfluoropolyether (Galden®).
Our Condenso series can solder even the most difficult assemblies quickly and dependably, at temperatures up to 240°C. In order to improve control of the condensation phase, Rehm has developed a patented injection process that allows the soldering procedure to be individually regulated. An optional vacuum module ensures void-free soldered joints – directly after the soldering process or as a pre-vacuum. Our systems let you adjust all parameters, such as pressure or temperature, flexibly – for the best soldering results that exactly match the requirements of your manufacturing.

Condensation features:

  • Reproducible control of the reflow profile with patented injection principle
  • Hermetically sealed processed chamber
  • Controllable vacuum process / horizontal transport for safe conveying of module through the machine
  • Horizontal transport for safely guiding the assembly through the system
  • No spreading of Galden® and active Galden® filtering
  • Active process monitoring with wireless WPS system and the latest software tools


Condensation Soldering Systems:

CondensoXC: Space-saving and powerful

  • Batch system for low throughput
  • Used in laboratory applications, small production lines or prototyping

CondensoXS smart: Great performance with a small footprint

  • Inline ready system for medium throughput
  • Low space requirements
  • Ideal for small-series production

CondensoXM smart: All-rounder for electronics production

  • Inline system for medium throughput
  • Automatic side Loading/unloading with pre-assembled carriers
  • Used for small and medium-sized series

Condenso smartline: Ideal for large series

  • Inline connection for medium throughput
  • Automatic loading, internal carrier return transport
  • Used in series production

CondensoX-Line: Reliable in the through-feed process

  • Inline system for high throughput
  • 3-chamber system and built-in vacuum soldering
  • Series manufacture and power electronics
  • Fully inert soldering process under nitrogen