AM 1000 Series Upto 10mm Cross Section

The Metzner AM 1000 is a sensation among the tabletop units. The automatic cutting and stripping machine processes cables, strands and wires up to 9 mm diameter and  6mm²  cable cross-section with a special cutting and pull-off force (optional 10 mm², depending on material). The settings are conveniently made via the modern 12″ touch panel, where the operator can define all processes. Thanks to the sensors for diameter and material recognition, the AM 1000 works extremely precisely. Another special feature is the tool-free replacement of wear parts and cutting blades. This means that the AM 1000 can be changed over in just one minute. With the extensive interface preparation, the machine can be optimally expanded with peripheral devices and adapts to all customer requirements. The compact design with retractable touch-screen and the low weight of only 28 kg also offer special comfort. This makes the AM 1000 especially easy to transport.