VS7000 3D AOI for Post Reflow PCBA Inspection

VS7000 Series

High Precision and High Speed Inline 3D AOI

Product Features

■ 3D inspection for post reflow PCBA with the advantages of high stability, high detection and low falsecall

■ Perfect combination in between 2D and 3D, ideal solution to overcome the limitation of the 2D meanwhile make up the weakness of 3D

■ Adopt height cross section analysis method to reduce false call due to the interference on the PCB

■ Intelligent 4 way programmable projectors + RGBW combination light source

■ Adopt 12M pixels High Speed Industrial Camera

■ Granite platform + Casting crossbeam, to ensure the high stability

Core Technology and Advantages

■ Height Cross Section Positioning Technology

The problem of positioning can be effectively overcome by height cross section positioning technology without the interference of silkscreen, the changing of the color of PCB background and the incoming material.

■ Intelligent Zero Reference Point Technology If the zero reference point falls to solder pad or

component due to PCB warpage and will cause “Icicle” phenomenon. This phenomenon will cause all the component owns the value of the component height lower than actual. The offset of zero reference point can effectively overcome by intelligent zero reference point technology.

■ 3D + 2D Combination Algorithm

Specular reflection is a total reflection, so a lot of information cannot be captured by the camera on the solder joint surface with the high angle. The phase shift method unable to obtain enough data for calculation.

Therefore, the detection of high angle solder joint is a blind spot in 3D. However, color 2D can compensate for this defect. Hence, the combination of 3D and 2D is the best way to detect solder joint.

The open solder on the lead-free floating area and the insuficient solder on the solder joint can also be accurately detected.