The InOxSide 3 combines junction isolation and rear side polishing as perfect preparation for superior surface passivation. The patented single side etching technology ensures powerful acidic polishing already at low etch depths with the lowest cost of ownership. Furthermore, the options PreCon and RaPID offer further flexible configurations for most advanced cell concepts and PID-free cells.

Areas of Application:

  • Rear side polishing for high-efficiency solar cells, e.g. PERC and PERT
  • Junction isolation and PSG/BSGremoval
  • Mono- and Multicrystalline wafer Processing

Features and benefits:

  • High throughput inline single side processing
  • Patented process:
  • High-quality smoothing
  • Low CoO
  • Suited for all relevant passivation layers including AlOx
  • Rear side phosphorous and boron emitter etching
  • Suitable for both multi- and monocrystalline cells