For more than 20 years, Jonas & Redmann has been delivering best-in-class automated loading and unloading equipment for the key process steps in crystalline silicon solar cell manufactu­ring. Today, our WHD system is the industry standard for automating batch-type tube diffusion systems. The Jonas & Redmann Wafer Handling Diffusion High Throughput (boat loader/ unloader) is designed for the fully automatic loading and unloading of process boats, used in batch-type tube furnaces for diffusion (e.g. POCl3, BBr3, BCl3) in the solar cell mass production. Generating emitters with high resistance in the process step Diffusion is very important for the future func­tion of the solar cell. The Jonas & Redmann WHD HTP serves high-quality process results by a very precise and gentle crystalline silicon wafer handling.

  • a best-in-class tool with the highest capacity (wafer/ hour) available on the market
  • based on long-time proven concepts and established reliable handling devices
  • reliable monitoring of operating sequence to prevent failure (e.g. by wafer breakage)
  • proprietary handling technology that ensures the lowest breakage rate
  • connectable with all tube diffusion furnaces on the market