Class A+A+A+ system for IV measurement of solar modules in production lines

The cetisPV-IUCT-M is a complete class A+A+A+ high-precision inline test system for the IV measurement of solar modules. Sustainable − Its unique programmable pulsed solar simulator provides a highly stable intensity over long flash times from a single light source. Combined with the h.a.l.m. IV curve tracer and the h.a.l.m. advanced hysteresis feature to measure high-capacitance modules, this system is designed to match the demands of current and upcoming solar cell and module technologies. Reliable − The cetisPV-IUCT-M has proven its reliability in many production lines around the world. With a single flash tube, very few easy-to-change wear parts and thanks to the modular principle, maintenance time and total cost of ownership are extremely low. Flexible − The cetisPV-IUCT-M can be extended with high-voltage testing and electroluminescence imaging, all smoothly integrated into the highly versatile PVControl software. The software is uniquely suited for data analysis and process control at a glance including interfaces for most common MES solutions.