M100LPM-R&D Tablet and Capsule Marker

Tri−Star Technologies, a leader in innovative marking solutions, answers the growing demands of pharmaceutical industry, and presents a new Desktop Tablet and Capsule UV Laser Marker for R&D.
Marker consists of powerful air cooled laser coupled with beam delivery system in a small truly portable package that can be placed on any table in the lab, office or meeting room. Ready to print within a minute it is connected to a regular power outlet.
Various marking templates corresponding to specific tablet size, shape and coatings can be created and stored in the designated computer.
Standard software includes 3 of 9, 128, QR and DM bar codes, complete set of English keyboard characters in different true and open type fonts, and an ability to convert, edit and print bitmap and jpeg files such as company logos, ID photos, etc. Special fonts and other languages can be added upon request.
Flexible laser power and repetition rate together with easily adjustable spot size allow for the printing of the most demanding branding features and design patterns.

• Marks tablets and capsules of any size and shape, including caplets, softgels, geltabs, gumdrops, candies, etc.
• System includes laptop computer and user friendly software specifically developed for marking on tablets and capsules.
• Perfect for R&D labs, small pilot runs and process verifications.
• Field proven laser technology used by the pharmaceutical manufacturers
• Safe, marking will not affect product
• Permanent , marking will not fade or degrade overtime
• Environmentally pure, no VOC
• Quick and easy, no pre¬-cleaning, no post-¬curing
• Great on oily capsules
• Marks through blister packaging
• Prints up to 49 tablets at a time
• High resolution
• Unalterable text, barcodes and graphics
• Different fonts, sizes, and orientations
• Portable, weight: 32 lbs. Dimensions: 12”x24”x15″
• System includes custom made interchangeable trays matching product shapes
• Can be equipped with a camera to inspect marking quality
• Upgradeable to fully automatic system
• Patented

Industries Served / Applications : Medical