S1000 – Inspection after Die Bond and Wire Bond

Semiconductor Packaging AOI


■ MagicRay has advanced automated optical inspection technology to provide customers with defect inspection equipment after Die Bond and Wire Bond process in the field of semiconductor packaging. It has excellent features such as high speed,high precision and high inspection coverage.

Product Features

■ For the inspection on semiconductor packaging after D/B and W/B process

■ High speed、high reliability: Granite platform + Linear motor + Three-section buffer structure

■ Adjustable Z axis: Capability to inspect on the first die bond, second die bond and the component with different height

■ High precision: 12M pixels industrial camera + Telecentric lens

■ Full-auto magzine loader & unloader of large capacity

■ Offline programing and debugging in real-time without stopping the production line

■ 100 level dust free design(Optional)

■ NG material tag

■ Vacuum suction platform for warpage and flxible PCB

Core Technology and Advantages

■ Triple Positioning Technology

Avoid the elements misalignment caused by process error

of preceding process and substrate warpage, and position the wire and wire bond accurately.

■ Unique Imaging Technique & Image Processing Algorithm

Automatically eliminate the background image interference and mark the detection object accurately.

■ Easy & Fast Programming

Automatically generate detection window for wire bond and wire.