BatchTex N600

Texturing tuned by RENA – BatchTex in combination with our latest monoTEX® H and the new Hi-Eta cleaning additive offers an efficiency boost and best process performance. The system is ready for all new wafer sizes from M0 to M12 and high capacity cassettes. This leads to a significant throughput increase of up to 15,000 mph and a substantial decrease in cost-of-ownership. BatchTex – The new benchmark for alkaline texturing of mono-silicon wafers in the solar industry.

Areas of Application:

  • IPA-free alkaline texturing
  • Use of Hi-Eta-Clean process
  • BatchTex SHJ available for the Silicon Hetero-Junction process
  • Wafer sizes from M0 to M12

(large carrier compatibility)

Features and benefits:

  • Highest throughput up to 15,000 wph
  • Suitable for IPA-free and SDR-free texturing process
  • Improved downtime by additional texture bath
  • Highly uniform pyramids of very small size < 1-3 μm
  • Proven feed- and bleed process with very low chemical consumption
  • Process guarantee for monoTEX® H
  • Long bath lifetime: up to 300 runs