3D CT X-Ray Inspection Systems


Military & Defense encompasses a wide variety of products used to aid our soldiers, protect our citizens or even advance our space exploration. Many of these products simply cannot fail when needed; some of them even have limited functionality tests due to cost or environment constraints. Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography inspection is one of the most effective nondestructive testing methods used to confirm product completeness and quality

Reliable defense equipment depends on materials and components that are flawless. These parts simply cannot fail when needed. Whether it’s munitions to protect our soldiers or parts that aid in advanced space exploration, our Industrial X-ray and Computed Tomography (CT) technology will fill your intellect and your quality reports with data-driven insight you used to think was impossible.

The X3000 is North Star Imaging’s newest standard system. Whether you are inspecting small or large components, the X3000 is the best option for customers needing a compact system with unique capabilities generally available on a larger X-ray or CT system.