Catheter Tubes Processing


The Metzner special development cuts catheter tubes to an exact length and removes the mandrel inside safely and precisely. The finished material is deposited in a collection container. 


  • HIGH PRODUCTION OUTPUT : The cycle time is only eight seconds due to the automation.
  • CONSISTENTLY HIGH PRODUCT QUALITY : Automatic feeding, removal of mandrel, cutting to length and depositing of the hoses guarantee a high quality of the products.
  • OPTIMAL FILLING: The finished catheter tubes fall into a movable collection container, which ensures optimal filling of the storage box.
  • REDUCED PERSONNEL COSTS THROUGH AUTOMATIC PROCESSING: The automatic processing of the hoses requires less manpower, so the costs are lower. A sensor-controlled changing device for the collection containers allows the system to work autonomously for 4 – 6 hours
  • VERY HIGH LENGTH ACCURACY AND CUT QUALITY: Precise cutting of catheter tubing to length and residue-free removal of the mandrel present from the extrusion