4250 High Voltage Cable Tester


The 4250 High Voltage Cable Tester from Cirris Systems Corp. Is a benchtop cable tester that can do it all – look for wiring errors, test components, check for continuity, and analyze insulation resistance. The Cirris 4250 high voltage cable tester will meet all your production needs. The full-color capacitive touch screen with an intuitive interface was designed with security and ease of use in mind. The latest tester from Cirris will complete your cable testing process.


  • High Voltage – Test with voltages of up to 2000 VDC or 1000 VAC (1500 VDC standard).
  • Thorough Testing – Test for continuity, isolation, opens, and miswires. Analyze components such as resistors, diodes, capacitors, and perform Kelvin 4-wire resistance measurements.
  • Expandable – Up to 1024 points in 128-point increments.
  • Fast Testing – Innovative technology and efficient algorithms reduce time spent on testing.
  • Easy to Learn – No advanced skills or training necessary to begin testing.
  • Compact – Small, lightweight, and self-contained for easy mobility around the production floor.
  • Built-in Networking – Easily share test programs and printers among multiple units.
  • Test Program Customization – Customize test setup, labels, and reports.
  • Multiple Language Options – Interface translated into several languages to avoid mistakes caused by language barriers. (More languages to come.)
  • Transition from 1100 – Use test programs and reports already set up for the 1100H+ on the 4250.
  • Durable – Test thousands of cables without fear of equipment failure.
  • Optional PC Control – Connect to a PC and expand capability with Cirris Easy-Wire®
  • Printing – Local and network printing capabilities for printing reports. Zebra printer attaches to integrated
  • serial port on tester for printing labels.
  • Error Location – Detects error location (which end) for opens and shorts.
  • Digital I/O – Automate your test process with lights, switches, and safety devices.
  • Cirris Adapter System – Compatible with Cirris interchangeable test adapters that provide inexpensive interchangeable fixturing.
  • Optional Features – Also compatible with Easy-Wire/PC-control, scripting, and data collection.
  • Full-color touch screen – View instructions and test results on 7” display

Industries Served / Applications:  Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication