IMC INDIA Solar Photovoltaic

Solar Photovoltaic

Our offerings include solutions for almost all the manufacturing stages of Solar Photovoltaics like High-throughput and high-efficiency Czochralski furnaces for growing silicon ingots in wafer manufacturing, Equipment for the Ingot to wafer, wafer to cell conversion.

For Solar Cell Manufacturing we offer Wet Chemical Surface processing of cells, Inspection systems to monitor the quality of cells at every stage of production. Best-in-class automation for wafer handling during diffusion and PECVD process. Laser ablation equipment for high-efficiency cell technologies like PERC and PERT. Solar cell print line, fast-firing furnaces, and VOC thermal oxidizers. Cell testing and sorting equipment. For Solar module manufacturing, we offer Laminator and Sun simulator.

Technology Offerings

  • Wafer (Turnkey Line)
  • Cell
  • Module
  • DC Switches

Wafer (Turnkey Line)