Parts Cleaning

RENA´s wet process equipment for parts cleaning ensures a very efficient cleaning process for our customers. Our main target is to eliminate the particles on your product to control contamination and optimize the efficiency of your process.


The Solano is an semi-automatic cleaning system, for your support of contamination control on all common types of FOUP´s and FOSB´s. An optimized Hot-DIW spray cleaning system supported through the permanently rotating of the carousel achieve best cleaning results. If desired by adding a surfactants (cleaning detergent), optionally. Drying via an fast centrifugal force power and high quality hot air supplying through an integrated HEPA filter-unit. Regular cleaning enables an efficient reduction of particle and metal contaminations on and inside your products.

Features and benefits

  • Up to 99 recipes, each with 20 cleaning steps
  • Variable data input (time, temperature, speed,
    parameter, etc.)
  • Hot air dryer with humidity sensor
  • Fan-unit with adjustable speed for standby
    and process mode
  • Unbalanced sensor for automatic shut off
  • Front side operation
  • Illuminated process chamber
  • Easy installation due to modular design
  • Fast installation, hook-up and start-up
  • Minimum maintenance & consumable costs
  • Excellent cleaning & drying performance
  • Low water consumption
  • Simple operation of the tool
  • One operator can run 3-4 systems
  • Low cost of ownership


  • Housing according to FM4910
  • SECS II GEM Interface
  • RFID or barcode reading