RENA electroplating systems:

RENA’s manual and automatic electroplating systems are underpinned by the company’s many years of experience and extensive expertise as a leader in technology. These systems give wafer manufacturers maximum flexibility coupled with outstanding precision. Tight control of the electrical field and an optimum flow of fluid guarantee a high level of consistency in plating, producing outstanding results. RENA’s electroplating systems are ideal for producing semiconductor and microsystem technology in individual series, small-scale, and mass production.

Features and areas of application:

RENA’s flexible electroplating systems are used for plating using pure metals (Au, Ag, Cu, Sn, Ni) and alloys (SnAg). Its flexible systems support the processing of square and circular substrates and those with special wafer geometries. The modular platforms are geared entirely toward the user’s requirements and can be configured for this specific application in line with the customer’s individual needs.

RENA electroplating systems are suited to a wide range of applications. The platforms are primarily used in semiconductor and microsystem technology, where they deliver outstanding results in the production of MEMS, optoelectronics as well as in micro-forming, moulding, and bumping for microsystems.