Automation for Energy Storage Devices Manufacturing

The demand for energy storage systems based on lithium-ion battery technology is rapidly growing, both in the automotive industry and for stationary applications. Jonas & Redmann offer innovative, mature production facilities for all steps for the production of lithium-ion energy storage devices, starting with battery cell production to the assembly of the battery modules.

Specialists along the Value Chain

Due to our many years’ experience in various high-tech sectors, we are specialists for the integration of the necessary key technologies. These include forming, laser, robotic and precision filling processes.


  • Production machines for lithium-ion battery cells
  • Laser cutting, welding, ablation machines
  • Composite foil formation machines
  • Filling and soaking process machines
  • Degassing and sealing machines
  • Module manufacturing machines
  • Testing and inline process monitoring machines

Quality & Service:

  • DIN/ISO 9001
  • Stable, reproducible and economic processes
  • Detectable machine and process capabilities
  • Inline quality controls and process monitoring
  • Damage-free handling of non-cooperative materials
  • Highly accurate handling | from basic linear to complex three-dimensional setups
  • In-house application laboratory for sampling and preliminary tests
  • Evaluation and analysis of processes and selection of suitable hardware