Intego GmbH, Germany

Intego is a medium-sized technology company located in Erlangen, close to Nuremberg, Germany. Intego develop’s customer-specific camera systems focussing on solar, semiconductor, automotive and medical industries. 

Intego offers standard systems and customer-specific solutions for quality control in the solar industry. The entire value chain is covered. Precise measurements and sorting criteria help to detect disturbances in quality at an early stage, to counteract them and to optimize the processes. By controlling processes, production yields can be increased and reproducible quality can be ensured in the final inspection. With an Intego system, you receive an inspection system tailored to your needs, which is optimally integrated into your specific production process. Our modular design relies on pre-developed and tested standard components. With Intego’s advanced inspection systems, customers are able to take the leap from random control sampling to 100% inspection, and can thus cut down costs and drive up your quality standard. The pay-off times for Intego’s systems are often shorter than one year. To be able to provide a risk-free estimation of implementation costs, Intego offers free-of-charge feasibility studies based on sample parts.

Technology Offering

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