MBS Series Modular Cutting Machine


Rubber & Plastics Processing

Many machining and cutting tasks are as varied as the materials themselves. With the MBS system, more than 130 standard components can be combined with each other, resulting in more than 10,000 possibilities to find the optimum solution for your requirements. A machine that is customized to the task in hand will always offer you more benefits. By using standard parts, MBS machines are created with virtually no development effort and within a very short time. As a result, modular cutting machines are not only optimally adapted to the machining tasks, but also extremely economical.

METZNER ST 25:  The MBS with powerful eccentric tool for materials up to 25 mm thick.

METZNER MBS 200:  Customized cutting machines for profiles up to 200 mm wide.

METZNER MBS 400:  Flexible and individual – cutting machines for profiles of up to 400 mm width.