Solderability Tester


Completely new versatile equipment, with two modules for all types of weldability tests.

Solder bath module
Testing of conventional components.
Testing pcb coupons.
Measurement of flux / alloy characteristics.
Immersion and appearance tests.

Cell module
Including the four sizes 1, 2, 3.2 and 4 mm on the same module.
Motorized table in X and Y.
No need to wait for the temperature when you trade.
Testing of SMDs and small components
Testing of PCB coupons.

Image capture:

Video system with 2 cameras offering the possibility of recording the video of the tests

Inert gas chamber

Multimedia system sharing in the same software:

Curves expressed in force, force / perimeter or wetting angle.

Statistical analysis, mean, sigma.

Easy export of all data with Windows® clipboard

Meets the requirements of all international standards:

IPC / EIA J-STD 002 & 003


IEC 68-2-69

IEC 68-2-58

NFC 89-400