IUCT 4000

The cetisPV-IUCT-4000 is the advancement of h.a.l.m.‘s standard cell tester cetisPV-IUCT-1800 for IV measurements of solar cells. It allows precise and highly reproducible IV measurements in cell production lines.

Precise − h.a.l.m.’s unique programmable pulsed solar simulator, with its highly stable irradiance output over long flash times from a single light source, combined with the h.a.l.m. IV curve tracer are designed to allow exact and highly reproducible IV measurements Improved − The enhanced cetisPV-IUCT-4000 enables illumination times up to

40 ms together with a throughput of up to 4,000 w/h. Illumination times up to 60 ms (with a throughput of up to 2,700 w/h) together with the advanced hysteresis in one flash enable the cetisPV-IUCT-4000 to test very high-efficiency cells in production lines.

Flexible − The standard IV measurement system cetisPV-IUCT-4000 can be complemented by further tools for quality and process control such as electroluminescence or infrared imaging, inline spectral response, grid resistance and dark IV measurement.