Weld Seam AOI Inspection in Battery Production

Weld seam inspection ensures that only Lithium-ion batteries with defect-free contacts and cleanly welded battery modules and housings are delivered to your customers. Every Cell Contact is inspected: Defect-free contacts are essential for powerful, long-life Lithium-ion batteries. Even the slightest deviation can reduce their performance and durability. Weld seam inspection automatically inspects every weld seam on every contact and identifies the slightest irregularities. As a result, only batteries with flawless contacts and high performance data reach the market. Every Weld Seam Matters: Weld seams are an important element in ensuring passenger safety. As a result, rigorous requirements must be met in battery production. In cell housings, the weld seams must guarantee a hermetic seal over the entire life of the battery. Battery boxes, by contrast, are often integrated into the bodywork as a structural element. They must be stable and able to withstand a crash.

VIRO WSI from VITRONIC offers maximum inspection performance for all seam types. VIRO WSI has a broad inspection range that is unparalleled in the market using inspection criteria that can be customized for a variety of requirements and applications. The solution is as easy as possible to use, with many user-friendly functions, such as parameter transfer, inspection program templates, and component visualizations.

Inspection range (a selection)

  • throat thickness (A dimension)
  • seam position
  • seam irregularity
  • object height
  • porosity
  • weld spatter