R&D CellTest3

The cetisPV-Celltest3 is a complete class A+A+A+ high-precision manual tester for the IV measurement of solar cells, designed for high-end R&D, laboratory and quality control demands. The system includes a solar simulator, an IV measuring system and a dark chamber with a contacting station. With the programmable pulsed solar simulator, the high-resolution IV curve tracer, an illumination time of up to 160 ms and h.a.l.m.’s advanced hysteresis approach, the cetisPV-Celltest3 is designed to match the demands of current and upcoming solar cell technologies. The cetisPV-Celltest3 is delivered with a contacting station whose flexible contacting frame allows the measurement of up to five busbars as well as busbars cells. It can be equipped with a temperature-controlled dark chamber. Besides, cetisPV-Celltest3 can be complemented by various options for more in-depth cell characterization including electroluminescence or infrared imaging, inline spectral response, grid resistance or dark IV measurement.