Econolase M-100L-FG-TT Portable UV Laser Marker

The lowest priced UV laser wire marker in the world

The M100L-FG-TT model ECONOLASE  from Tri-Star Technologies Inc USA , is a portable, fully automatic, turnkey wire marking system that utilizes a UV solid state laser with an integrated high-speed scanner. User friendly software allows unlimited font selection (any TrueType font for any language) as well as full graphics capabilities (pictures, logos, barcodes, etc.) The M100L-FG-TT Econolase supports both vertical and horizontal text orientation
Certified by AIRBUS and BOIENG.


  1. 355 nm solid state UV laser
  2. Class 1 for use on open shop floor
  3. Processes continuous filament or segmented wires or cables from 26 AWG to 4 AWG
  4. Fully compliant with all known Military and Commercial specifications
  5. Full graphics capable
  6. Prints any alphanumerical information in any font, language, size, also bar codes, logos, etc.
  7. Processes already terminated discrete wires and cables (with connector shells installed)
  8. Prints on shrink tubing or any other laser-markable substrate
  9. Prints in single and multiple lines
  10. No limits on minimum or maximum length of wires/cables
  11. Portable
  12. Small size, light and very robust, under 35 pounds
  13. Ideal for small to medium production runs, on-site harness repairs or installations
  14. Upgradeable to M100LFG-TT-A