JRT Printline


Jonas & Redmann offer flexible system concepts for the partial coating of silicon wafers in the screen printing process. The entire JRT product range is characterized by high print quality at minimum breakage rates and with low setup and maintenance times.

JRT Print Line Configuration

The JRT Print Line forms the basis for a maximally stable production process. The two-track concept – consisting of two independent wafer lines each have two autonomic printing mechanisms per printing station – thereby guaranteeing an optimal uptime and high throughput rates. Thanks to a series of technical innovations, the printing system offers a high autonomous production time.

The screen print stations allow for the easy implementation of various technologies, such as double print, selective emitter technology or Metal Wrap Through (MWT)

Technical Data and Features

Freely programmable printing mechanism

Freely programmable screen-lift function

Automatic system for changing screens

Changeable screen frame formats

Integrated print and failure control and automatic discharge of NIO parts

Automatic paste supply

Exceptional screen lift kinematics for long screen life

Self-regulating squeegee system

Smooth “belt-to-belt” transport throughout the line

Automatic buffer between the print stations

Highly-efficient conveyor dryers with infrared and warm air heating system