Santon International bv, Netherlands

Santon is specialized in switchgear technology and supplies many customer-specific solutions in the field of electro-mechanical switchgear. The solutions often concern situations where standard switches are not satisfactory or where standard switches must be adapted to meet customer requirements. Santon has its own Design department for the development of switchgear. This department has competence in both electrical and mechanical systems, as well as a combination of both. The developed switch solutions are also manufactured in-house by Santon.The development, manufacturing, and purchasing of materials take place in the head office of Santon which is located in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, or in  other operation sites in the USA and Great Britain. Globally Santon has a range of distribution partners to serve our customers worldwide.

All Santon products and services are developed and manufactured with the focus on reliability, safety and ease of installations and are produced according to the latest European and International standards Santon is an ISO 9001:2015 and IRIS ISO/TS 22163:2017 accredited company. Santon is at the forefront of technology specifically developed for the renewable energy market and in particular solar energy. Meeting the demands of safe and efficient DC switching you can be sure that Santon products have been developed to meet the highest technical and commercial standards. Santon’s range of X type switches have become the safety component of choice for many of the largest solar inverter manufacturers whilst the firefighter safety switch is an innovative solar panel shutdown solution that is compatible with all standard string inverters

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