ATP-GD SMD & BGA Rework Station

SMD & BGA Rework Stations for PCB Assembly & Repair

Advanced Techniques US Inc. (ATCO) is dedicated to precise build quality supported by the best training, repair, and ongoing service in the BGA soldering station industry. After 35 years of providing exceptional service and continually evolving within the SMD station industry, our company is proud to offer a precision-tuned line of AT-GDP SMD & BGA soldering solutions.

Our latest rework stations are unrivaled within the solder rework station field. Our highly skilled engineers and manufacturers have enhanced our latest models with the most advanced software in the industry, leading to the ultra accurate placement and SMD rework. When you upgrade your facility with our high-end soldering stations, you can expect SMD rework that consistently outperforms lower-end models.

Our nitrogen and hot air rework stations are applicable for use within a broad spectrum of technical fields. Our soldering stations have successfully empowered a diverse range of industries requiring pin-point results, and meet the strict demands of evolving circuit board needs. Combined with our highly customizable and user-focused software, our SMD stations will meet all of your current and future circuit board requirements.