DM Instruments

Inline Non-Contact Emitter

Sheet Resistance Measurement

The DM-110 accurately and reliably measures emitter sheet resistance inline at full production speeds. The sensor uses safe reflected infrared light to produce high-resolution

Characterization of emitter sheet resistance from edge-to-edge on a wafer.


¨ Non-contacting continuous emitter sheet resistance measurement

¨ Designed for 100% wafer measurement up to 5000 wafers/hour

¨ Rock-solid long term measurement stability

¨ Encoder controlled measurement triggering

¨ Highly accurate and repeatable

¨ Compact and easily installed


¨ Allows true characterization of both short and long term furnace behaviour

¨ Eliminates operator error and inconsistencies in offline measurement

¨ Minimizes wafer damage caused by handling and four-point probe contact measurement

¨ Reduces labor costs associated with offline sampling and SPC charting

¨ Rapid payback