M100L-Fiber Tabletop Fiber Laser Marker


 The M100L-Fiber from Tri-Star Technologies is a fully automatic, air-cooled, turnkey marking system that utilizes a Fiber laser with an integrated high-speed scanner. Designed for commercial and industrial applications, this unit can print on most dark coloured wires and cables*, including black, brown, red, blue etc. User-Friendly software allows unlimited font selection (any TrueType font for any language) as well as full graphics capabilities (pictures, logos, barcodes, etc). The M-100L-Fiber supports both vertical and horizontal text orientation, programmable message spacing, three separate zones of print with variable separation spaces, and source and destination coding on wire ends. The M-100L-Fiber Laser Marking System can also be configured to work in line with other Wire Processing Systems.


  • Marking System utilizes state-of-the-art Fiber laser
  • Air Cooled
  • Precision wire/cable measuring
  • Pneumatic power cutting
  • Motorized coiling pan
  • Processes 26 AWG to 4 AWG wire/cable
  • Can print on most dark-coloured wires*, i.e. black, brown, red, blue, etc.
  • Full graphics capable
  • Prints any alphanumerical information in any font, language, size, also bar codes, logos, etc.
  • Machine wire output is 40 ft/min, optionally up to 100 ft/min
  • Prints in single and multiple lines
  • Utilities: 120/220 VAC 1 phase, 6A 50/60 Hz


Industries Served / Applications :

Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication