ModuleTest 3 HALM

Class A+A+A+ high-precision lab tester for IV measurements of solar modules

The cetisPV-Moduletest3 is an IV measurement system developed for high-end R & D, laboratory and quality control demands. The system includes the solar simulator, the IV measuring system and an optimized dark chamber. The programmable pulsed solar simulator provides highly stable irradiance output over long flash times from a single light source. Combined with the h.a.l.m. IV curve tracer, this system is designed to match the demands of current and upcoming solar cell technologies.

The system is controlled by the versatile PVControl software, allowing instant, in-depth data analysis. h.a.l.m.‘s advanced hysteresis feature ensures steady state data evaluation free from capacitance effects even for the highest efficiency modules.

The optional cetisPV-EL3-M, a high-power electronic load, extends the measuring range of the curve tracer to allow module dark IV measurements, precise measurements in low current ranges and better evaluation of series resistance. All systems can be equipped with additional electroluminescence imaging solutions and a temperature-controlled test chamber.