InOxSide Fusion

Inline junction isolation and rear side polishing

The InOxSide® Fusion technology combines junction isolation and rear side polishing as perfect preparation for superior surface passivation. The new fusion process of alkaline polishing with minimal use of acid in a single machine allows for the extremely low cost of ownership and efficiency increase. This space-saving solution is the next generation of the proven and patented.RENA single side etching technology. RENA provides the only one-tool solution for single side alkaline etching in the market.

Areas of Application:

Rear side polishing for high-efficiency solar cells, e.g. PERC and PERT
Junction isolation and PSG/BSG-removal
Mono- and Multicrystalline wafer processing

Features and benefits:

• High throughput inline single side processing
• One-tool solution
• Reduction of HNO3 consumption by approx. 50% for PERC
• H2O2 free process
• Very low CoO
• Patented inline, alkaline process
• High-quality smoothing
• Suited for all relevant passivation layers including Alex
• Rear side phosphorous and boron emitter etching