CR Low Voltage Cable and Harness Tester


The CR Low Voltage Cable and harness tester from Cirris Systems Corp. is a build-aid and low voltage tester for complex harness assemblies with multiple connectors. The compact size of the tester means it can be set on the corner of a workstation, mounted on the back of a harness board, or distributed around the device to be tested. Driven by the powerful, PC-based Easy-Wire Software, the CR allows operators to view connector images with the target pin location. The harness tester will immediately alert operators if an error is made during the assembly process and low voltage testing.


  • Guided Assembly – On-screen connector images, fixturing LEDs, and audible prompts can guide operators and alert them of errors when they occur.
  • End-of-line Testing – If errors exist, guide prompts and Which-End error detection quickly helps operators in finding and solving issues.
  • Compact – Small and lightweight.
  • Expandable – Scale from 256 to 32,000 test points.
  • Distributable Test Points – Keep all test points together or distribute them around the device to test to reduce fixturing length.
  • Cost-Efficient – Minimal impact on budget with maximum gain on efficiency and quality.
  • Easy Test Setup – Easy-Wire® Software on a PC automates test program creation.
  • Smart-Lights® Capable – Compatible with Cirris Smart-Lights for quick setup.
  • Effective Reporting – Test reports can be customized for organization and understanding.

Industries Served / Applications:

Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication