Jonas & Redmann GmbH, Germany

Automated production is highly complex, particularly when planned for high-tech industries. Through their integrated approach when dealing with such sensitive products and product demands, Jonas & Redmann have been successfully producing special-purpose machines and fully automated systems able to conquer highly complex assembling and handling tasks. Their offerings include automated solutions for PhotovoltaicsEnergy StorageMedical Engineering & Assembly Automation industries.

Independent, owner-managed company Financially stable and sustainable Company. 30years of business experience in high-tech industries.

  • Extensive multi-sector know-how
  • Highly qualified management and expert teams
  • State-of-the-art manufacturing methods and systems with our own CNC production systems
  • DIN EN ISO 9001 certification
  • Production of special-purpose machinery and plant engineering
  • Conceptualization and implementation stemming from a single source
  • Implementation of a wide range of processes | laser processes
  • Plant unit extensions and overall system integration
  • Integration of cutting-edge automation technologies
  • Control and drive technology, robotics, optics & sensors
  • Conformity with Industry 4.0 standards

Technology Offering

Solar Photovoltaic