Batch Spray

Batch Spray:

The wet processing systems of the platform batch spray for acids and solvents technology is based on a closed one chamber or double chamber system. The batch spray systems are easily configurable to your needs at the smallest footprint and therefore used in all areas of the Semiconductor industry.

There are many advantageous features for process control and monitoring in the IDX Flexware software.

RENA Batch Spray systems

All RENA systems are available and compliant to the SECS/GEM interface of factory host.
The batch spray systems are safe to handle because the operator has no direct contact with the chemicals. Furthermore, the handling of single or double cassettes is possible. At the same time, they offer the best possible combination of efficiency and process optimization to produce cost-effectively and with high quality.

SBA: Spray Batch Acid:

The Spray Batch Acid is developed for wet chemical cleaning and etching processes with low agent consumption. It is suitable for acids and alkalis. A combination of up to 5 processes in one chamber is possible. At the same time, the machine is particularly maintenance-friendly and space-saving.

SBS: Spray Batch Solvent:

The Spray Batch Solvent is designed to combine different solvent processes in one chamber. It is suitable for solvents, for development processes and for stripping lacquers. The system is space-saving as well as upgradeable and adaptable to individual specifications.

The advantages of Batch Spray systems by RENA:

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