Serological Pipettes Processing


The special Metzner development is a fully automatic machinery consisting of a contact-free loop control, an automatic cutting machine and a crushing station with storage system. It can produce polystyrene pipettes with diameters from 4 to 25 mm and lengths from 100 to 700 mm


  • HIGH FLEXIBILITY: With one machine, different pipette variants with different lengths and diameters can be produced.
  • GREATER SAFETY: The design of the machinery provides state-of-the-art safety by means of protection devices at all points where the operator could enter the machine and injure himself.
  • OPTIONAL BLOW-OFF: Any material residues resulting from scoring the polystyrene can be removed with a blow-off unit.
  • SIMPLE CHANGEOVER: The machinery can be changed over quickly and without using tools.
  • HIGH PRODUCTION OUTPUT: Thanks to the automation a high production output with very high accuracy is achieved.