SM 4000 Slotted Corrugated Tube Processing

Corrugated tubes are used to protect cable wires and cable harnesses. When cutting this corrugated tube sheathing to length, it is important to cut precisely and reliably on the crest of the shaft, to avoid forming sharp cutting edges which damage the in-drawn cable wires. Metzner revolutionised the cutting to length of slotted corrugated tubes with the SM 4000 corrugated tube cutting machine. It is the only machine in the world that can guarantee a precision cut on the crest of the shaft due to its unique and patented feed and cutting technology. A laser sensor monitors the production and activates the cut precisely and repetitively with up to 8000 cuts per hour.

The SM 4000 with its patented “toothed wheel laser system” is the only machine in the world that guarantees twist-proof feed- and cutting technology for slotted corrugated tubes

HIGHEST PRECISION: With its outstanding cutting performance, the Metzner “toothed wheel laser system” outperforms any cutting machine for the precise processing of slotted corrugated tubes

Features / Technical Data:

For corrugated tubes from 4.5 mm to 40 mm diameter

LASER SENSOR: The laser sensor monitors the position of the toothed wheels, which ensure a twist-free feed-in of the slotted material.

TOOTHED WHEEL LASER SYSTEM: With the patented Metzner “toothed wheel laser system”, we are the only supplier for the processing of slotted corrugated tubes.

UNIQUE DIAMETER RANGE: The Metzner SM 4000 reliably and precisely processes corrugated tube outer diameters from 4.5 mm to 40 mm. The wide range of applications is unique and makes the machine a future-proof investment.

GEARWHEEL FEED: The SM 4000 in the standard version is equipped with a gear feed system to guarantee a twist-free transport of the corrugated tube

OUTSTANDING PRODUCTIVITY:  The unique combination of a high feed speed of up to 160 m/min and the shortest cutting times makes the SM 4000 a productivity-enhancing factor in your machining line.