Upto 1500 VDC & 60A

Description :

Santon has developed, produced and maintained electromechanical switchgear, which provides safety and continuity for people and installations for almost 100 years. Santon has always been a company with people passionate about technique and the drive to improve and to develop. Whether they’re in the research and development department, marketing, sales or production, the focus on providing our clients with the best technical solutions for their needs and giving them the best service they deserve is a passion we all share.

The expectations of the DC switch are increasing:

  • DC disconnect switch is a human safety device, it needs to effectively operate under load when needed to keep operator safe.
  • Besides static reliability, DC disconnecting can easily create arc – fire risk.
  • As a safety device, It must work for minimum 20 years throughout the lifetime of the inverter  without problem.