RST Reflow Simulator & Thermal Stress Tester

Reflow Simulator for JEDEC Reflow Profiles and IPC D Coupon Testing

We are proud to offer the PRO 1600-RS reflow simulator for improved solderability tests worldwide. Our Jedec reflow testing platform adheres to the strict J-STD-020 standard for package survivability and Jedec reflow simulation, providing consistently accurate data for validated production that meets strict qualifications at every level of development.

What Is The PRO 1600-RS / RST Reflow Simulator Used For?

Our PRO 1600-RS thermal stress tester combines reliable solderability testing with the best in user-friendly operation. Our PRO 1600-RS is a Jedec J-STD-020 compliant reflow simulator with a variety of diverse capabilities for thorough solderability tests that improve circuit assembly viability with accurate analysis and superior package qualification. Industries from aerospace to advanced research and development firms trust our Jedec J-STD-020 compliant equipment for precision results with:

  • SMD Package Qualification
  • Thermal Stress Testing
  • Solderability Testing
  • IPC d Coupon Testing
  • & More