Batch Immersion

Highly reliable batch production solutions

As a global leader when it comes to innovation and technology in the wet chemical surface treatment solution, RENA drives the development of process automation for wafer and chip manufacturing. Its products range from standard series up to high-throughput production with a process guarantee for reliable systems and processes that meet specific customer requirements. The systems are available as fully automated wet benches, semi-automated wet benches, and manual wet benches as well.

Manual and automatic wet benches for batch production

RENA’s manual and automatic wet benches handle all wet processes in front-end-of-line (FEOL) and back-end-of-line (BEOL) batch production. They meet the high expectations placed on their production requirements by producers of CMOSs, MEMS, OLEDs, LEDs, and Optoelectronics.
The sophisticated, modular design of RENA wet benches boasts small foot-print, allows for fast start-up and hook-up, process-specific adjustments to optimize ongoing production. Our batch production champions


Our Evolution batch production platform shines with low costs of ownership (TCO) and high throughput. It is suitable for wafer sizes from 100 mm to 300 mm. In addition, it can be adapted to your specific process flows.


For multi-step processes, the Revolution wet processing system is the optimal solution. Up to 5 process tanks can be arranged around a rotatable robot arm. This makes the batch production system particularly versatile and powerful.


Looking for a high-performance one-step solution? Then the Advancer platform from RENA is just the right one for you! It has a rinsing tank, and the process tank can be adapted to your specific requirement.


The WBM RENA wet bench can be built from different materials depending on the customer’s requirements. It can be operated manually and is suitable to produce very small quantities and development projects. All current process steps can also be integrated to the batch production platform.