Surface AOI Inspection for Powertrains

Optical Inspection of Visible, Sealing and Functional Surfaces

The energy transition in traffic technology is within reach and there is a growing demand for alternative, energy-saving, low-emission drive technologies. This also demands a radical rethink on the part of the automotive industry. Short development cycles, innovative manufacturing and assembly processes and new production lines mean constant challenges. But how can complex drive components be manufactured economically? By using efficient manufacturing processes and powerful quality inspection.

Regardless of which drive technology you manufacture, production efficiency is only possible if the smallest errors can be reliably detected during the manufacturing process.

VINSPEC inspection systems offer seamless quality assurance for the entire powertrain. They inspect powertrain components for defects such as cavities, pores and excess material, or processing errors such as scratches and dents—with micrometer precision.

It doesn’t matter which drive technology, component or deviation you want to inspect—our engineers will find the right solution for your inspection task.

Which components does VINSPEC inspect?

Whether a modular solution or a turnkey solution with a complete inspection cell is right for your production line, the inspection is always inline. As a result, flaws on the visible, sealing and functional surfaces are reliably identified during production—preventing further processing of defective parts.

As a result, only flawless, powerful drive components will leave your production lines. This lets you cut costs and ensure high quality.