VC5000 Inline AOI

Conformal Coating AOI


■ Special designed Inline AOI for conformal coating inspection

■ Apply UV light source, the glue containing phosphorus can clearly distinguish

■ Special algorithm for coating, easy and fast programming

■ Offline programming and fine-tuning in real-time without stopping the

production line

■ Polygon window programming is supported, which is generated quickly and


■ UV glue thickness measurement function

■ To Support single-sided and double-sided conformal coating inspection

Advanced Hardware Architecture

■ All-in-one Casting Beam

Ensure the stability of the equipment and the consistency of sharing program between machines.

■ Industrial Camera + Telecentric Lens

The high component solder joint inspection is not affected as no shadow effect in the entire filed of view.

Core Technology and Advantages

■ Support Polygon Window Programming

Simple and fast definition of the irregular coating detection areas.

■ Wide Coverage of UV Light Wavelength

UV light wavelength can cover 260nm-405nm band, can cope with different formulas of UV glue.

■ Apply Ultraviolet Light Source

The glue containing phosphorus can clearly be distinguished.

■ UV Glue Thickness Measurement Function

The whole conformal coating thickness can be measured by a laser displacement sensor.