CH2 High Voltage Cable and Harness Tester


The CH2 High Voltage Harness Tester from Cirris Systems Corp. is a versatile harness tester that offers the highest levels of test control. Its compact and capable design sets it apart from the competition in the marketplace. This capable tester can integrate with auxiliary test equipment, or with the Cirris Energization box for testing active components such as relays and sensors.


  • Capable Hipot Testing – Up to 1500 VDC and 1070 VAC.
  • Expandable for Large Assemblies – Up to 100,000points in 160-point increments.
  • Compact – High test point density in an industry leading light and small package.
  • Low Voltage Test – Automatic fast low voltage pretest finds errors before high voltage testing.
  • Passive Components – Test resistors, capacitors, diodes, and switches.
  • Active Components – Integrates with the Cirris CH2 Energization Box to test relays, sensors, and other active components.

Industries Served / Applications:

Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication