PRO-1600 SMT Reflow Oven

Reflow Oven for Soldering of Printed Circuit Boards and RF / Microwave Housings

After 35 years of industry-defining research and development, ATCO has developed the PRO 1600SMT Reflow Oven. As a leading batch soldering machine and solder reflow manufacturer, we are on a mission to provide reliable solutions for the ever-evolving demands within the printed circuit board industry. Dedicated to quality engineering and superior service, our precise soldering machines and reflow ovens achieve predictable results you can count on.

Our expert engineers and designers developed the PRO 1600 SMT Reflow Oven to solve a variety of common issues associated with inconsistent reflow soldering. While many reflow ovens on the market are adequate for simple soldering projects, without precise temperature monitoring at the circuit assembly, or the ability to displace oxygen with nitrogen within the reflow chamber, strong and reliable solder joints are not guaranteed. Our reflow ovens aim to bridge this gap; with consistent heating profiles, a simple user interface, and detailed data for complete transparency and consistency throughout the SMT reflow process.

Our team wanted to create an SMT oven catering to the end user with a simplified setup and ease of operation. Thanks to our advanced software integration, combined with precise component alignment, our SMT reflow oven achieves the user-friendly end goal. With on-the-fly profile adjustment, clear imaging and video options for direct monitoring, and ultra-accurate temperature control at the circuit assembly, our reflow oven is expediting process development and improves yields.