Wafer Slicing

Diamond wire multi-wire wafer slicing machine 


  • The equipment base and spindle box support are integrative cast structure.
  • The main shaft adopts angular bearing and oil & gas lubrication structure, which is suitable for high speed and long life cutting with thin wire.
  • The lightweight idle wheel with low inertia, easy to replace the assembly structure.
  • It is patient using mechanical disc spring for silicon-tray clamping.
  • Siemens or Rexroth motion control system and original motor.
  • The vertical feed adopts the casting with 4 guideway mechanism to reduce the cutting TTV.
  • The utility model adopts a patented device for the alarm of broken wire thin wire with eccentric block issuing mechanism.
  • The retraceable wire system is located on both sides of the equipment and is mounted directly on the casting base.
  • The tension arm weight and the suspension length are small, the line arrangement angle is close to 90 degree which is easy to control
  • The automatic matching design can realise the automatic cleaning of a single machine, one-key loading, one-key automatic tool-setting and easy connection setting.
  • The surface quality of silicon wafers such as TTV, line marks, edge-breaking extra cutting and wire-breaking are well controlled.