Class AAA flasher for IV measurement of solar modules in production lines

The cetisPV-IUCT-Q is a ready-to-operate high-precision pulsed xenon flasher solution for IV measurements of photovoltaic modules.

Integration − The economic footprint combined with a low profile allows module examination at standard conveyor level height. Therefore, it can easily be integrated into new or existing production lines and R&D facilities.

As solar modules are tested sunny-side down – matching the typical orientation in production lines – complex module positioning by robots and large dark rooms become dispensable.

Sustainability − The programmable pulsed solar simulator provides a highly stable intensity over long flash times from a single light source. Combined with the h.a.l.m. IV curve tracer and the h.a.l.m. advanced hysteresis feature to measure high-capacitance modules, this system is designed to match the demands of current and upcoming solar cell technologies.

Flexibility − The system is controlled by the versatile PVControl software package with statistic functions, hysteresis measurements, and flexible database storage options. Moreover, interfaces for most common MES solutions, as well as barcode reading and label printing options are available.