Closed Barrel Contact Crimping System

Tri-Star Technologies, a wire processing equipment company, presents the industries best, fastest and most popular automatic crimping system for closed barrel contacts.

Since 1979, Tri-Star has been aggressively engaged in the design and evolution of a family of automatic contact crimpers which have literally revolutionized the connector assembly world. Tri-Star Technologies is now pleased to present the latest generation of TAC Crimping Systems, the X Series Crimpers. Available in 3 vibratory fed models, TAC 7X for shouldered contacts, TAC 10X for shoulder-less contacts and the TAC 17X Dual Bowl System for both shouldered and shoulder-less contacts.


  • Fully automatic, wire triggered operation
  • Up to 1,800 crimps per hour
  • Wire funnel prevents bird caging
  • Wire size selector with built-in sensor
  • Accepts 16-26 AWG wire
  • Meets Mil-C-22520/7 (/2 or /1 optional)
  • Quick, simple tool changeovers
  • Crimps most closed barrel contacts, 16-22
  • Automatic feed from vibratory feeder
  • Automatic shutdown in case of malfunction
  • All functions microprocessor controlled