PHILO Standalone Compact Batch Plasma


The PHILO Standalone Compact Batch Plasma from SCI Automation Pte. Ltd. is a compact standalone batch plasma cleaning system. Philo’s chamber contains an automatic tray in which your products can be easily placed to be properly processed. This assures cleaning repeatability and a straightforward operation. The features contained in this system allow a reliable and repeatable cycling of the plasma process for 24/7 operation.


  • A 13.56 MHz RF system inclusive of an automatic tuning network
  • Two mass flow controlled gas input lines
  • An oil vacuum pump contained in the body of the machine
  • A high precision capacitive pressure gauge
  • An all-aluminum chamber with no welded joints, nickel-coated for maximum performance
  • An automatic door
  • A PC controller with an LCD touch screen user interface.

Industries Served / Applications :

Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication