QML-B Inline System Super Compact


The QML-B Inline System Super Compact from SCI Automation Pte. Ltd. is super compact inline plasma cleaning system which is unique in its kind.

Designed for products handled on boats and lead frames, QML-B delivers a fast and reliable plasma leaning process where full process traceability is integrated.

QML-B merges together the benefits of a high performance plasma chamber and simple belt conveyors in a compact solution only 48 cm wide. This allows seamless integration with SMEMA compliant production lines.

QML-B comes in two versions:

  • QML-B100 for carriers up to W100 x L300 mm
  • QML-B200 for carriers up to W200 x L300 mm

All versions of QML-B provide a high throughput plasma process of 120 boats per hour*.


  • A 13.56 MHz RF system inclusive of an automatic tuning network
  • Two mass flow controlled gas input lines
  • A dry vacuum pump contained in the body of the machine
  • A high precision capacitive pressure gauge
  • An all-aluminum chamber with no welded joints, nickel-coated for maximum performance
  • A PC controller with a fieldbus and an LCD touch screen user interface

Industries Served / Applications :

Aerospace, Defence, Military, Automotive, Industrial Automation, Medical, Solar Photovoltaic, Railways, E-Mobility, Renewable Energy, Telecommunication