IUCT 5000

The cetisPV-IUCT-5000 cell tester combines best-in-class measurement with the highest available throughput, thereby meeting all requirements of the present and future solar cell production. Performance − Its highly stable light source provides illumination of up to 60 ms. In combination with the h.a.l.m. advanced hysteresis approach, this allows extremely precise and reproducible IV measurements of solar cells with the highest efficiency and open-circuit voltages of up to 750 mV. Future-proof − Due to its mature and modular design, the system can easily be complemented by further tools for quality and process control such as electroluminescence or infrared imaging, inline spectral response, grid resistance and dark IV measurement. Cost of ownership − The cetisPV-IUCT-5000 is designed to operate with an extremely high throughput rate of 5,000 w/h and thereby enabling the customer to reduce CapEx and operating costs.